Sticks and Stones

Little rabbit tell me more about magic
What secrets have you persuaded from the earth
Friction fiction twists the stairs from here to there
Forest fire stage fright, smoke, mirrors and starlight

Cursed crystals and false idols, this body your legacy
Mercury tempts the tongue of my muse to Lunacy
A shadow play across the cards let the curtain fall
King of Kings crown the conquering worm your heir 

And then came the rain, the applause, the Roses
Petals picked to play their part at tips of tongues
A summoning sang to shadows below the flames
Surrounded by the same and the sounds of your name

Baby bird tell me more about the fall
What have you learned from up there to down here
Telling time it’s been measured by the length of light
Keep cage closed and crowd back, fly or die little lion

Unused books but by the weather kept read and worn
Philosophy searching for her deathbed found Naught
A hanged man held the cards low for the child to see
Handful of sticks and stones laid at the feet of the Queen

Little rabbits know magic, that is why She came to the show.

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